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What have we learned from this blog entry?
1. If it makes you emo, it's discriminatory against whatever you're emo about.
2. Because HGTV awards "deserving" veterans, volunteers, expecting mothers, etc. with awesome room makeovers, anyone who doesn't fit into those categories are deemed "undeserving", include fatasses who didn't lose 170 pounds. LOL.
3. Vern thinks fat people are ugly, clearly.

CRY MOAR. WE'RE ALL OUT TO GET YOU. Go ahead and keep thinking whatever helps you sleep at night.
Are you ready for some bandwagon jumping China-hating hypocrisy?


Bitch plz, China-hating is so two months ago. There aren't even any people climbing bridges anymore.

It sure is fun and easy to put down a people that we don't understand. China is plagued with problems just like any other country. Because they are hosting the Olympics, we expect them to change their culture and adhere to the golden Western standard (because that is the best way... we are always right and everyone should be exactly like us!!) and resolve any of their environmental problems overnight. Anything less than that is "fake". Clearly.

I think they need to find a mirror and take a proper look at themselves, their countries, and their consumption habits, because there is way too much SMUG in the air.


I'm looking at you, jessicamelusine and Daniel Engber! Way to make the world revolve around you. I know you're emo because you're overweight and you think everyone is secretly laughing about you, but really no one gives a fuck, so stop warping the so-called "message" of this beautiful movie. It's not about environmentalism, and definitely not linking rampant consumerism to obesity. Though it's nice to think you're getting attention for once, isn't it?

Go listen to this. The poor dude is just trying to tell a story in a way that makes sense. Sheesh.

Heaven forbid people living in space for hundreds of years lose bone density and start to deform. Consequences people. You know, just like eating too much or thyroid problems or excessive laziness leads to more body fat? Oh right, it's everyone else's fault that you're fat. Sorry.

Dumb people of the world, please follow the "advanced hypermiling" techniques. While I'm not on the road. Kthx.

food porn or food poo?

"Bargasms." It looks like someone with irritable bowel syndrome ate too many nuts to me. Rawr.